Blog Contests – Cash and a Microsoft Zune

June 24th, 2007

I have come across a couple of blog contests worthy of entering and blogging about. The MsDanielle.com blog site is offering up a 30GB Microsoft Zune in a contest open to just anyone with a blog who is willing to link to her site a couple times. Ms. Dannielle won this Zune in a contest and decided to put it back up for grabs. I like this ideas and I promise to do the same should I come up the winner in this giveaway.

The second contest I am participating is over at PureBlogging.com. These guys are offering up two separate $100 prizes to be delivered via PayPal. The first $100 prize will go to the 1000th commenter on that blog. The second $100 will be given via a random drawing from all qualifying entries. Stop by PureBlogging and read the details and rules if you are interested in a chance to win some cash.

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