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June 9th, 2010

Father’s Day and my birthday are approaching. My wife has asked what I would like to receive as a gift on these days. I have been reading more in recent years and believe I am a great candidate for an iPad or Kindle as an electronic book reading device. I travel fairly frequently with my day job and like to read while on airplanes, trains, or in terminals. I often finish a book while on travel and am ready to begin reading a new book before completing my trip. I hesitate buying another book because I don’t want to add to my tight luggage load. I like the idea of being able to order a book on the fly without having to find my book of choice in the the local book store and waiting several days to get a snail mail delivery from Amazon just does not suit my schedule in most cases. So which device should I choose? The industry leaders appear to be the iPad from Apple and the Kindle from Amazon.

The iPad is the newest on the scene with a higher price, but the iPad has way more to offer than simply electronic book reading.  My chief concern about the iPad actually has to do with all the other features.  I am already carrying a laptop when I travel and that will not change.  So I have access to email, web browsing and a plethora of applications to do whatever else I need to do.  Since I am looking primarily for an electronic book reading device I am concerned that all the other stuff on the iPad could be distracting from my desire to simply read books.  If I want to be distracted by email or my social media interactions then I will fire up my PDA or my laptop.

At this point you might have guessed that I giving the Kindle a nod.  The Kindle has access to more titles that I can already surf via Amazon.  Yes I know that people say you can read Amazon books on the iPad, but they don’t bother to explain how if you are not a Kindle owner already with the installed Kindle app on the iPad.  I am not interested in an experiment with the iPad and certainly don’t want to buy both devices.  My experience with my  Windows to Apple laptop (MacBook Pro) has been less than desirable in terms of capabilities I am used to on Windows. So my hopes for a good experience with the iPad are low.  I also don’t want to add another monthly broadband fee to an already more expensive device.  The Kindle comes with all the connectivity for free.

I will be adding the Kindle to my wish list right along with some titles that I plan to download shortly after I get a Kindle.  I am sure I will follow up with a review of the Kindle in a later post. In the meantime I will link you to a few helpful reviews that I have found.

Kindle on Amazon web site

iPad on Apple web site

PC World: Apple iPad’s iBooks vs Amazon’s Kindle

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  1. Trace Pupke says


    Hey buddy, congrats on the new little one! Want to have lunch soon and you can take a look at the iPad I have. Yes, it goes beyond the basic book reader, but the other features can also be of benefit. Bible apps & study tools, children’s interactive books, teaching apps, kids games & videos. From what I’m hearing from the 3G version users is that they rarely use the 3G, that wifi is so widely available that they don’t use it often. Also, you only have to pay the 3G fee if you want to use that feature, no contracts.

    Anyway, if you want to meet before making your final decision and try it out, I’ll be happy to!


    June 9th, 2010 | #

  2. Rachel says

    FYI, I don’t have a kindle and I can read amazon books just fine. My husband set it up so I am not tons of use here (and I’m not the savviest computer person). I know we just installed the amazon reader app which can be used offline as long as you already have the books downloaded (not usually an issue since we usually have wifi available). And when we buy some books we have had to read them through the cloud and then they can be read off line. I went back and forth trying to decide between the kindle and ipad. At the time there wasn’t the kindle fire so it was a fairly easy decisions. But I know the new kindle has a lot more features.

    March 21st, 2012 | #

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