A Perfect Answer to Bill Nye The Humanist Guy

September 10th, 2012
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Would Bill Nye be willing to debate a real scientist on the subject of human origins? I think that Dr. Georgia Purdom and Bill Nye the Scientist Humanist Guy would make a great pair for a debate on evolution verse creation. What say you Bill Nye?

“Dr. Purdom graduated with a PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University in 2000. Her specialty is cellular and molecular biology. Dr. Purdom’s graduate work focused on genetic regulation of factors important for bone remodeling.” Source: Answers In Genesis

Bill Nye is “a 1977 graduate of Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.” Source: Cornell Chronicle June 28, 2001

Fathers Mandate on Daddy Life

October 17th, 2011

Daddy Life parenting tips and Internet Safety The DaddyLife.net podcast and blog is one of my newest homes on the web. The podcast is currently featuring an eight part series on the Fathers Mandate from Growing Kids God’s Way parenting series. I originally wrote a post on this blog about doing a blog series on The Father Mandate but life happened and the blog series got sidelined. So far I have recorded and published the first two parts of the series which included pointers on developing a family identity and maintaining a strong marriage.

I know this blog needs updating more frequently and I promise that I will work on doing just that. In the meantime you can read the 36 blog posts and listen to more than a dozen episodes of the DaddyLife.net podcast.

That’s Not All

Sherry aka @MrsOzz has agreed to co-host a podcast with me on the topic of homeschooling titled the Home School Support Network. This one is also a blog and podcast site offering curriculum and resource reviews, time management tips, as well as experiences with various teaching methods. I have not seen my wife as excited about something technology related since she got her first iPod Touch.

Why argue with a creationist?

June 1st, 2011

That’s a question for those (including Christians) who cling to evolutionary old-earth theories.  Sitting in the seat next to me on a flight to Washington, DC from Charleston, SC a couple of months ago was this man reading an old Skeptic magazine article titled, “How to Argue with a Creationist”. I could not resist the temptation to offer him practice when he was done with his educational article. Being a scientist and student of AiG I offered a few lines of how the “scientific proof” of the age of fossils is flawed and most have been specifically proven inaccurate using samples of a known age.  I gave an example from “The New Answers Book 1″ of the 50 year old lava rock.  Then I simply asked him one question by starting with, “To me the title of that article would be more beneficial to all involved if it said ‘WHY’ to argue with a creationist”. I then simply used my recommended title as the single question that I had for him. I asked him WHY it was important to argue with a creationist? He was speechless for what seemed to be several minutes.  Then he babbled about only being interested in the subject for intellectual stimulation. He then offered that he thought the argument was important from an academic perspective to keep religion out of schools.

Then I offered that I was a young-earth creationist who converted from being taught and believing that some cosmic event called “The Big Bang Theory” originating from nothing spun off into a Darwinian evolution process that resulted in Clyde the Orangutang being my great-great uncle.  I explained my reason to argue is to maintain credibility of the Bible so that the gospel message of  Jesus Christ within that same Bible also maintains credibility.  I fight so that the story of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave to save us from eternal damnation will not also be brought into question as some folklore that is not meant as it is written in the Word of God. I told him that to their side (the magazine’s), based on his answer, the prize is content in textbooks and classrooms.  To the young-earth creationist side the prize is the possibility for eternal life for everyone who hears the gospel message.  He swallowed a lump in his throat as we landed.  We departed the plane and went about our different directions.

Ultimately I don’t think there is anything wrong with investigating these unproven scientific theories.  I am confident “through faith” that no research will lead to concrete evidence against the Bible’s account of creation. Young-earth scientist supporting and even performing research related to old-earth evolution theories in the name of validating scripture as it is written is proof that we young-earthers trust what the outcome of the research will be.  However, those who teach and create material to educate children that these theories are cold hard facts can lead children away from trusting God’s account of creation in Genesis and draw questions in their minds about the credibility of all scripture including the gospel message.

Riley’s First Piano Recital

May 22nd, 2010

Riley is a 7 1/2 years old and has been taking piano lessons for just over a year.  MrsOzz made piano practice part of Riley’s 1st grade home school curriculum.  Riley’s hard work and developing his gift has paid off.  I am one proud daddy.

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START Treaty to Fund Obamacare

April 8th, 2010

Why would Obama do this now? Maybe to befriend enemy states or to “pursue our ultimate vision of a world without nuclear weapons”. NO…Think about it.  It’s all about the money. The largest honey pot in the US budget in democrats’ eyes is defense. The DEMS need cash to fund Obamacare and they are quickly going after the biggest piece of the pie in the national budget. The signing of this treaty in the wee hours of the night (most Americans were sleeping) moves to cut nukes by 33% and delivery mechanisms by 50% over a seven year period. The timing of day in signing this treaty was by design because most Americans will be outraged by this and rightfully so. This treat significantly reduces our nation’s defense posture.  Before you add a comment and argue like one Twitter User saying, “Start is a bilateral reduction of mostly old nuclear arms” you should reread the quote from President Obama listed above.   Obama has a “vision of a world without nuclear weapons.”  He is after all nuclear weapons not just the old ones.  Yes Ronald Reagan had a similar stance as Barack Obama on nukes and he was just as misguided and naive as Obama on the subject of nuclear deterrence.

This treaty is nothing more than a democrat license to begin to cut the defense budget immediately. Cuts in the defense budget next year (to cover Obamacare cost shortfalls) will be justified by this treaty.

BONUS: Obama will be the first individual in history to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize two years in a row!

Healthcare Bill Response

March 23rd, 2010

Better Solutions

Educate people on how to seek jobs that offer good health care insurance plans rather than just giving them the plan for free. Then if employers don’t pony up the plans then they don’t get the quality labor. Like the bumper sticker says, “Share my work ethic not my wealth.”

Prove the cost saving first before banking a new entitlement program on a theory.

Restrict law suites against doctors so they can lower there overheard (liability insurance) and in turn lower costs for everyone. This would also help cut down on unnecessary tests that doctors often order simply to cover their back side.

Now those are common sense ideas.

Reasons why I don’t like it

Health insurance coverage for those who don’t need/want it results in care being slow to delivery for all. It is a natural progression. Some people will abuse the “free” health care because it has no value to them due to never having to work to pay for it. Unnecessary “free” tests for the freeloaders will force those who really need the tests for  the detection of life threatening illness to wait in longer lines at the very least.

This bill floods a struggling system serving the least among us (Medicaid).  Oh…and I don’t want my tax money paying for abortions…PERIOD.

Cost of Obama Health Care: $567 Per Person

March 17th, 2010

It is estimated to cost approximately $567 per person from each of the remaining US citizens to pay for health insurance premiums for the 30 million uninsured that President Obama wants to cover with his plan.  Here is the math:

Yearly Premiums: $5,270 each*

Total Yearly Premiums for 30 million people: $158,100,000,000

Cost to the remaining US citizens:

$158,100,000,000/279,000,000** = $567 per year per person (every man, woman, and child) in taxes… if the cuts/savings in Medicaid and Medicare don’t work… and they won’t because any savings to Medicaid and Medicare will be consumed because both programs are are already underfunded and rapidly growing.

“The states and the federal government share the cost of Medicaid, which saw a record enrollment increase of 3.3 million people last year. The program now benefits 47 million people, primarily children, pregnant women, disabled adults and nursing home residents.” NY Times

*Based on average of annual premiums for all federal government Fee for Service Nationwide non-postal individual plans.  These are the same plans Obama refers to regularly when he says he will be “giving tens of millions of Americans the exact same insurance choices that members of Congress will have.” This number is actually fairly low considering the average spending per Medicaid enrollee is almost $7,900 per year.
**Estimated USA Population as of July 2009: 309 million (309-30 = 279)

Keep in mind that these numbers only estimate what it would cost to get these people covered with “health” insurance and not dental or vision which Obama has been saying verbally that he will deliver access to in his plan.  There is also the additional cost of deductibles and co-pays is not included in these estimates. Oh…and these estimates do not consider the FACT that all premiums will increase if insurance companies suddenly are required to cover pre-exiting conditions.

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Doctors stop taking Medicaid

March 16th, 2010

“…Medicaid reimbursements covered only 65 percent of actual costs…The county’s Medicaid rolls have grown by 37 percent since 2001, and the program now pays for half of all childbirths.” NY Times

This may be the future of government run health care insurance.  The NY Times did not mention how this compares to what President Obama is proposing for the remainder of the uninsured Americans but some questions do need to be asked:

  • How will doctors be able to remain in business if the government sponsored plans can’t even cover the doctors’ costs?
  • How will government funded insurance accommodate surges in unemployment that causes record enrollment increases like Medicaid experienced last year?
  • How does the Obama plan address issues of patients having to drive two hours to find a doctor to take Medicaid or other government sponsored plans?

Mandated Car Insurance

January 31st, 2010

TheOzz at 9 years old driving and uninsured carThe comparison between car insurance and health insurance fascinates me.  Promoters of mandated health insurance often use car insurance as an example of how government requires citizens to purchase insurance.  What I intend to do here is explain some differences between mandated car insurance and mandated health insurance.

First car insurance is mandated by state governments not the federal government.  Car insurance is only required in my state (SC) if you own a car that you intend to register.  Every car owner is not mandated to purchase automobile insurance.  Yes folks, you can own a car in this area of the country without automobile insurance as long as you do not plan to put a license plate on it. You do not have to insure a car that you buy for the purposes of private use on private property.  The old 1964 Ford Fairlane that I drove around our little 26 acre hog farm as a child required no automobile insurance. The picture above shows me at about 9 years old chauffeuring my 3 year old sister (in a car seat!) and my dog Duke around the farm.  The car probably cost my dad a few hundred dollars and he was willing to risk that investment by allowing me to operate that vehicle without insurance.  By the way, do you think the government insured all of those clunkers that they recently purchased during the cash for clunker scam?

The second and arguably a more significant difference between government mandated car insurance and the proposed government mandated health insurance is that type of insurance that is mandated by the government is liability insurance.  Liability insurance protects everyone’s property except that of the owner.  Yes the liability insurance does help protect the owners assets form being sued but it does not insure the health or the owner or the owner’s car.  That type of insurance (collision/comprehensive) is not mandated by the government.  Many lenders require collision and comprehensive insurance to cover the car as long as a lean is carried on the car, but that is not government mandated in any way.