OzzPoll – What is the age of the Earth

I have created a new category called OzzPoll. This name should give a clue as to what you will find in the OzzPoll category. I will post a question each week in the sidebar. Your job is to select an choice and click the little vote button. After a week or so of voting, I will post the correct answer to the poll in a standard blog post where I will accept comments. That is where you get to challenge the correct answer. I realize this is not a scientific process. It is not meant to be. It is a process to generate discussion.

This week’s OzzPoll contains a pretty simple question. How old do you think the Earth is in years? You don’t have to be exact with your answer. Just answer as truthfully as you can based on your first reaction to the question. If you know the answer, well, keep quite and play along.

I will begin my new project by shamelessly leaching some traffic off of some of my OTA friends like Liberal Common Sense, TMH’s bacon Bits, customerservant.com, Quitely Making Noise, Conservative Cat, Don Surber, and Right Wing Nation. That’s all. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “OzzPoll – What is the age of the Earth”

  1. The MaryHunter Says:

    Good question, and I’ll be keen to see what your bloggy visitors think. My vote will be up soon.

    Um, you tb’d the wrong post! here’s my latest weekend OTB post.
    Go nuts!

  2. Mark B. Says:

    I would vote for “What difference does it make” if that were a choice. ;)

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