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The WayBackMachine Internet Archive is way cool. It is great for a laugh or too drudge up some views of the days of old. I even laughed at my own sites in this archive. Below are a few notables that you might find interesting. I think that Drudge Report has got to be the least changed web site format that I pulled up. Below shows the Drudge Report site back on December 6, 1998 as a sample of what you will see over at

Drudge Report Archive

Other notables that you can click to see their archive listings led me to find that La Shawn Barber and Glenn Reynolds were once Blogger users. The Instapundit seems to have held his own for the longest. The Michelle Malkin archive of 3/1/00 led me to a story at the Jewish World Review. Below is the first paragraph from that story.

“WHERE HAVE ALL the churches gone? From Oregon to Florida, houses of worship are getting zoned out of their neighborhoods by government regulators who put high-priced sod above G-d.”

I wonder why she could not spell out God?

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  1. The Land of Ozz » Blog Archive » Open Post Monday - WayBackMachine Says:

    [...] Open Post Monday – WayBackMachine [...]

  2. Mark My Words Says:

    Because you can doesn’t mean you should

    With technology growing ever more in capability, it has been noted before, that it may out strip the moral codes and diminish the freedoms of a society. We have a case in point from a recent news item.

  3. Freedom Folks Says:

    Respect a Person’s Rights, Not His Religion

    As the Muhammad cartoon controversy continues to swirl around us, I’m getting good and tired of people saying that I have to respect someone’s religion. I don’t — you don’t — there is no respect due to someone else’s religion.

  4. Says:

    PHOTOS: Cheney Hunting Accident Photos Released. That’s Odd…’s investigative reporter in the field has uncovered these secret photos of the Vice President Cheney hunting accident, in which he mistakenly shot his partner Harry Whittington. He just emailed them to me for a rush to the web and…

  5. Says:

    VIDEO: Terrorists Have Infiltrated Our Most Sacred Institution… Nick At Nite (Classic Television)

    After getting dealt some serious blows in recent years, terrorists have apparently changed their tactics a bit. Maybe I’m just imagining things though. I came home late last night, flipped on the ol’ VCR to catch up on some Nick…

  6. Don Surber: An Afternoon Newspaperman Says:

    Cheney’s Chappaquiddick

    Exactly. If bloggers want to play in the big leagues, they had better be more than cheerleaders. Malkin has a collection of Cheney’s enablers and their excuses.

  7. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    American Newspapers are Afraid

    European journalist have been more courageous than American journalist. There is something very wrong with this picture! We are all afraid. We are afraid because we know these threats are real, very real. We know this enemy is very real and determine…

  8. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Carnival of Blue Stars

    Welcome to the Second Carnival of Blue Stars. Our military men and women are our best and brightest! Their accomplishments are the pride of our country.

  9. Quietly Making Noise » Blog Archive » New GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century Says:

    [...] Linked to: The Land of Oz | Armed Forces democrats disabled veterans federal budget GI Bill H.R. 2131 house of representatives military military retirees military service New GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century Act Norm Dicks PTSD republicans TRICARE veterans benefits [...]

  10. Mark My Words Says:

    Port security sellout?

    Many have raised concerns regarding a Dubai based business purchasing U.S. port operations. The issues being that security may be compromised, as it is hard enough to secure the ports and shipping without having a company from a Muslim country involv…

  11. Conservative Cat Says:

    Iraq Shows Cat-Like Wisdom and Moves Away from the Precipice

    Mensa Barbia has an article about America’s history of gang violence. It includes a link to this very welcome news about peacemaking efforts by Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. I’ve been thinking over the weekend about why I get so…

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