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October Daily Bible Reading

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
  1. Zech 10, 11, 12; Ps 126; Luke 14
  2. Zech 13, 14; Ps 147, 134, Luke 15
  3. Ezra 5, 6; Ps 138; Luke 16
  4. Esth 1, 2; Ps 150; Luke 17
  5. Esth 3, 4, 5, 6; Luke 18
  6. Esth 7, 8, 9, 10; Luke 19
  7. Ezra 7, 8; Luke 20
  8. Ezra 9, 10; Ps 131; Luke 21
  9. Neh 1, 2; Ps 133; Luke 22
  10. Neh 3, 4; Luke 23
  11. Neh 5, 6; Luke 24
  12. Neh 7, 8; Acts 1
  13. Neh 9, 10; Acts 2
  14. Neh 11, 12; Ps 1; Acts 3
  15. Neh 13; Mal 1, 2; Acts 4
  16. Mal 3, 4; Ps 148; Acts 5
  17. Job 1, 2; Acts 6, 7
  18. Job 3, 4; Acts 8, 9
  19. Job 5; Ps 108; Acts 10, 11
  20. Job 6, 7, 8; Acts 12
  21. Job 9, 10; Acts 13, 14
  22. Job 11, 12; Acts 15, 16
  23. Job 13, 14; Acts 17, 18
  24. Job 15; Acts 19, 20
  25. Job 16; Acts 21, 22, 23
  26. Job 17; Acts 24, 25, 26
  27. Job 18; Ps 114; Acts 27, 28
  28. Job 19; Mark 1, 2
  29. Job 20; Mark 3, 4
  30. Job 21; Mark 5, 6
  31. Job 22; Mark 7, 8

A good friend recommended this schedule. It was published back in 1983 by Fullgrowth Ministries of Tulsa, OK. Here is how that publication recommends you use their schedule:

If you follow this plan devised by Fullgrowth Ministries of Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’ll read the New Testament through twice and the Old Testament once during the next 12 months.

The plan recommends that you do your reading at a specific quiet time each day. If you miss a day, continue with the current day’s reading and catch up when you have extra time. After you finish your day’s reading, mark off that day.

The Old Testament portions are presented as nearly as possible in chronological order. Passages from prophets are included in the historical narrative where they were given, they are often given in a single day’s reading.

You’ll encounter Psalms throughout the year. Frequently, a Psalm that fits a particular passage has been placed with that passage.

As you enter the New Testament, you’ll read Luke and Acts first, then the letters – with periodic passages from other Gospels – and, finally, Revelation. Thus, the story of the life of Christ is constantly related to your Christian life.

I want to add how very important it is that you follow the guidelines given to read the passages for the date given and catch up when you have time. I have tried reading catch up stuff before the current day’s reading after a family crisis took me away from reading for a couple of days and it just didn’t work.

I have provided here the reading for the month of July. The photocopy that I have says that this schedule is copyrighted by Fullgrowth Ministries, but it also says, “feel free to re-print this chart for use in your church, Sunday school, or just to give to friends.” You are my friend if you got this far into this post. I hope this blesses you as much as it has my wife and me. I do plan to post each month’s schedule from the chart before each month begins in the future.

You can listen to some of my readings from the Bible on The Living Bible page of this blog. Thanks for visiting.

Clemson’s McElrathbeys

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

I found a really great story on Ramon (Ray Ray) McElrathbey. Ray Ray McElrathbey is a 19 year-old Clemson football player who has been granted custody of his 11 year-old brother. The elder McElrathbey petitioned the courts for custody of his younger brother to keep his little brother out of Foster Care.

Success stories of folks involved with the Foster Care system is near and dear to our family. My wife Sherry is an honor graduate out of the Foster Care system. It looks like Ray Ray is on track to help make his little brother Fahmarr an honor graduate from Foster Care.

The Clemson player has been granted a waiver that gives him permission by the NCAA to receive money through a trust fund. The fund will help Ray Ray support his little brother. Read and listen to more on this story from SI and NPR.

Charles Capps – Review

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Charles Capps came to speak this past week right here in Goose Creek, SC. He said it was his first visit to Goose Creek. His message was a great overview of many of his teachings that I have already heard plus some new material. My wife Sherry got to hear him live for the first time. We also ran into some friends that we have not seen in a while. It was a really great night of fellowship, worship, and receiving of God’s Word.

The highlight for me was an opportunity to speak with Charles Capps in person. He took a few minutes to share some wisdom with me one on one. I had emailed him about a month ago and he recognized my name when I introduced myself after the meeting Friday night. He shared some recommendations on how to grow my faith in some areas where I have struggled. It was an honor to meet such a gifted man of God.

Charles Capps teaches faith building principles found in the Bible that many people pass right by without realizing it. I have been missing some very basic applications of God’s Word in my daily walk with the Lord for years. I have learned so much from Charles Capps that has complimented and expanded my spiritual growth and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to check out the Charles Capps Ministies official web site. You will find a copy of Charles Caps itinerary along with lots of books, CDs, DVDs, and tapes to choose from to help you grow in your faith and understanding of God’s Word. I am sure that his teachings will bless you.

2 Timothy 1:7

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

There is a ton of fear that can crop up when you are faced with things like I have been faced with this week. I am told my son’s pacemaker is not functioning properly. The doctors want to operate on him again. This would be his fifth major surgery in less than two years. He will turn two on November 2nd.

God’s Word is clear on how we should respond to fear like what I have been faced with this week. I faced a lot of fear as a child and came through it standing on this scripture. I continue to stand on 2 Timothy 1:7 today.

You can read Caden’s Page to get the details of what is going on with my son. You can also subscribe to the email list to get an email when Caden’s Page is updated.

Charles Capps

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

One of my favorite faith teachers is coming to Goose Creek, South Carolina this Friday evening September 15, 2006. The New Life Christian Fellowship Church is hosting a Faith Conference in their new worship center this week. Charles Capps will be a guest speaker on Friday night at 7:00 pm.

New Life Christian Fellowship Church
402 Liberty Hall Rd.
Goose Creek, South Carolina
Dr. Dexter Easley, Pastor

Join me for what is sure to be a spirit filled teaching by best selling author and pastor Charles Capps.

Check out Charles Capps’ Itinerary if you are not a low country resident. He will be in the Atlanta, GA area on Sunday September 17th.

eBible BETA

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

That’s right folks, it looks like eBible has lite up the open for business sign. The beta images are gone and the invitation only access restrictions have been removed. The eBible online Bible study site is now open to the public. Anyone can now create an account. The eBible Blog has some more specific information on what has happened building up to the grand opening.

Miracle Boy Funny Faces

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

I had to share this with those of you who may not have seen Caden’s Page.


Caden will be two years old in less than two months. That is just a few weeks after Big Brother Riley turns four. Wow!!! How time flys.

Purpose Driven Blog

Monday, September 4th, 2006

There has been a lot of change in my life in recent years. In some ways this blog has reflected how my life has changed. The biggest change can been seen in the overall theme and frequency of my posts. I have just realized that I have now posted more topics in the Faith category than in any other category on this blog. Over 25% percent of the posts are posted in the Faith category. I have been blogging less recently and have changed my focus to blog more on Faith related issues.

That said, the traffic has increased even though I blog less. My wife’s jaw almost hit the floor when I told her that there are now nearly 30,000 visitors to this site per month as of May. That is a huge increase relative to where this site came from. That much traffic comes with a huge responsibility.

This conversation with my wife prompted me to review this blog where a majority of the visitors are coming landing. Further review of the logs shows that the most popular non-visit hits are on the RSS feed used exclusively to bring in iTunes users who want to hear my readings of The Living Bible. The site has averaged well over six thousand hits per month on this RSS feed alone.

What does all of this mean? What should I do with this information?

I tend to be much more of a blog reader than a blog writer these days. I notice that many bloggers seem to cleave to the I want to be a reporter when I grow up style of blogging. They hang on the hottest MSM topics and hope to be the one who exposes the mistakes of the MSM media or some government official. Some are good at it. I have tried it and it is not for me. Even more bloggers just air out their feelings to the world for what seems to be no particular reason. I have been know to do that once in a while, but I am moving away from that practice.

I now have a better defined reason for what I am doing. I have a purpose. I have posted an image in the upper right of the page that states “As for me and blog we will serve the Lord!” I am not taking that little phrase lightly. That is my intention and purpose for this blog moving forward. I will continue to share some Bible reading as well as the reading schedule. I will also continue to provide my living testimony as to how God is blessing me and my family. I will do my best to built up the name of Jesus to let all who read know what God did for us by sending his son Jesus Christ.

I plan to continue to drop in some personal experiences and some fun from time to time. But, the primary purpose of this blog will be to serve the Lord. I have been particularly moved by what God has said to me recently through sermons and my personal study of the scriptures used as the foundation for these messages. I have heard messages on faith from just about every direction I have turned lately. The term faith has really taken on new meaning for me and my wife in the past year. We are experiencing God in ways that we never knew possible and God continues to bless us in ways that we could have never have dreamed up. There are three particular areas of ministry where God has blessed us as we have become more involved. One is the parenting ministry that we participate in. Another area where God has blessed us is in our learning and sharing what the Bible has to say about God’s laws of faith. The third area that we have been blessed is through this little Internet ministry.

God has blessed us through the parenting ministry in several ways. We have been able to share some great Biblical parenting materials with other young couples while getting a review on the material for our own family. The recent Growing Kids God’s Way and Preparation for Parenting classes that we held at our home were such a great success. I can say with confidence that these classes were a success because of the positive surveys that we received as well as the desire shown by many parents to take other programs offered through this awesome ministry build by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. Some members of the classes have expressed an interest in leading classes for other families. Some of the couples from the GKGW class are attending the Reflections of Moral Innocence class that we started in August. We also plan to offer another Prep class in the fall that we already have some folks asking about.

God has also blessed us in our search for a clearer understanding of His principles of Faith. I have enjoyed the past year in particular as I have used the same Bible reading schedule that I post on this blog. I started the posts of the schedule after the first of the year when I was several months into it myself. Sherry and I both use the same schedule as our minimum daily reading which almost daily provides for some great couch-time discussions when the day has been otherwise uneventful. Our journey in seeking a more personal relationship with God and striving to operate in the principles laid out in the Bible have come back to us many times over in health, finances, and relationships. We have begun to share our testimony of God’s work in our life by simply sharing the principles that we have learned on the subject of faith and speaking words of life. We are calling our new Bible study “Words of Life”. We started this past week by joining on Tuesday night with others in sharing directly from God’s word what we have heard and understood. This small group offers encouragement and accountability for daily Bible reading. I can only imagine what God is going to do with us in the future. It seems the more seed we see sown in this area the more we see God’s blessings in our lives and the lives.

The third area that I mentioned above where we have been blessed is right here on this web site. I called it a “little Internet ministry” because that is really how I see it now. We (my wife and I) have been given a unique opportunity to share with families who are struggling with sick children the way have struggled. They find Caden’s Page and then email us asking for advice. Most just need encouragement to continue to do what they are already doing as loving parents. Showing some concern and empathy from a perspective of having been there can do wonders for some. This site has opened up some great dialogs with other parents who landed here by way of searching for something related to their own child’s health concerns. I have also seen traffic increase as a result of my posting on faith related subjects. The odd thing is that many folks end up hear on as a result of searching for things having nothing to do with faith but yet my traffic increases when I post in the faith category. That little sign of more traffic with less posts along with the one I am about to share tells me to keep working on this “little Internet ministry”.

Here’s what happened. I was laying in bed one night a few months ago praying. Sherry had been asleep for a while. I was asking God to help me see where I should go. It was at that precise moment that the monitor lite up in the corner of the room from its sleep/hibernation mode. This had never happened before and has not happened since that night. We almost always leave that computer and monitor on so it was not like the computer came on from an off state, but there was no one within six feet of that computer when this happened. And it happened at the exact moment that I was praying for God to give me some guidance. What exactly that means I am not sure, but I will assure you that I am not about to stop working in the area of computers and Internet anytime soon. I took that event pretty seriously even though I have not shared it with anyone other than God and my wife before today.

I believe that God has clearly shown me that these three areas are where we are doing what God wants. I plan to continue to share the blessings from those areas with the readers of this web site. I will do my best to stay on the positive side of things. I will also do my best to encourage readers and give guidance on where they can go on the Internet to find what I believe to be useful information on these subjects. A list of recommended sites will be much shorter than a list of where not to go. Staying on recommendations will keep me from having to say anything negative about the bloggers who get caught up in tearing down Christian brothers or boasting about how superior their teachings are based on specific religious IC, ISM, IAN, or IST theologies. I am convinced that there is no best religious theology or doctrine. I have been through the gamut of religions in my short 39 years and I can tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect religion. Having a personal relationship with God based on his Word beginning with the belief that God sent his son Jesus to die on a cross to be raised from the dead after three days as payment for your sins and mine is what is most important. There is nothing religious about that.

There are plenty of Christian folks out here on the Internet trying to dazzle you with fancy words and phrases that you will never find in the Bible. These are very smart people and many have the best intentions in the world, but they will lead you astray. The problem is that they get to caught up in believing what another man has told them rather than listening to what God says to them through His word.

The purpose driving this blog moving forward will be to show more of Jesus Christ in what is posted. I realize and wish that more Christian bloggers would realize that they may be the only example of Christ a person gets on the Internet. I believe I have already started fulfilling this purpose and will continue to do so. I believe that the population of Internet users is largely composed of non-Christians. The Internet is not a place to try and hold other Christians accountable for actions that are believed to be wrong. I have fallen into the trap of trying to correct others, but I believe that setting an example is much more important.

I invite you to continue with me on my ongoing spiritual journey by visiting again soon. May God bless you and your family.