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Holiday Fun Update

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

What are you doing for fun this Christmas season? I hope you are having as much fun as we are. Our family had a blast building this Gingerbread Train. I have posted some detailed pictures of the construction process on my Grill’n Time blog.

Osborne Gingerbread Train ProjectOur oldest son Riley had a blast with this project, but the construction was nowhere near as much fun as the consumption has been. At this point, we have given away two cars leaving only the engine and coal car. The engine and coal car look like they have been through a war zone.

This project has been a ton of fun. It has officially been adopted as a family tradition for us. We already have some cool ideas for new and improved ways to decorate the train next year.

Don’t forget to check out Caden’s Page to read about some of the other things going on with our family.

Holiday Family Fun

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Update: You can see how our train turned out by visiting my Grill’n Time blog. There are a ton of pictures taken during the construction process.

There are a ton of creative things a family can do together especially during the holiday season. We get some really cool ideas from FamilyFun magazine. The picture below is a screen capture from their web site where you can go to see one of these great ideas.

Gingerbread Train Project
Our entire family is involved in making this Gingerbread Train this week. It started out as a joint project between our family and some friends, but nearly every adult and child involved in the project has come down with some form of illness that as sidelined them from participation. My wife Sherry could barely talk due to a scratchy voice earlier today and Caden had stuff start draining out of his left ear earlier this week. Riley as well as our friends have also been under the weather with varying degrees of cold and flu type symptoms.All this illness left me a little more involved in the Gingerbread Train project than originally planned. That’s okay though because I was sad that this project was going down mostly during the day while I was at work. From the beginning I was assured to see the completed project since it was going to be one of the desserts for the last night of our current Preparation for Parenting class.

We have been taking pictures along the way. About half of the gingerbread dough was baked tonight. Sherry is planning to bake the rest of it Monday during the day so that it will be cooled off in time to assemble by the evening. Riley can’t wait to see the train assembled. That boy loves trains.

Our class meets on Tuesday night, so we should be done in plenty of time to have a nibble after class that evening. I will post some pictures when we are done. Sherry and the boys have been working on some other cool holiday treats that I may get to capture some pictures of and share here if I they last long enough for a photo.

Local Weather

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Google Temp Yahoo Temp

What is this all about?  These are screen caputure from my browser at about 9am on Wednesday 12/6/06.  I know weather forcasting is not that accurate, but this is funny.  Maybe we were having solar flares or something that interfeared in weather data communications. One image (left) is from my custom Google home page and the other (right) is from my “My Yahoo!” page.

There are two things that make these weather feeds funny to me. The current temperatures are definitly out of sync from each other and both show that the current temperature at time of these screen captures as lower than their own forcasted lows for the day.  I don’t know what the temperature was this morning, but I am guessing the Yahoo!/Weather Channel feed was a little more accurate.

Here is some suggested basic logic for weather feeds.

ForcastLow < = CurrentTemp

ForcastHigh >= CurrentTemp

Word on the Street

Monday, December 4th, 2006

“This Christmas Seacoast Church presents Word on the Street, a contemporary Christmas drama. This musical production centers on the relationship between a modern-day Joseph and Mary, and the challenges they encounter when faced with God’s plan for their lives.”

I saw three separate Christmas dramas at three different churches over the weekend. The first two were good, but last night I saw the opening night of Word on the Street and it was a grand slam.  Now I will offer a couple of disclaimers. I am a member of Seacoast Church and I have performed with many of the awesome cast members in two previous Seacoast Easter Productions.  I must say that the pre-service video trailer offered in the weeks building up to the show was not very revealing.  That left much to imagination as the opening approached.

The cast and musicians did a great job of transforming this miraculous story into a modern day musical.  The show is a great choice for anyone looking to expose their family to a Biblical sound representation of what this holiday season is all about.  The first two nights sold out in advance.  The show runs through this Friday night with Wednesday already sold out.   You can still purchase tickets online for Tuesday, Thursday, or the two shows on Friday by visiting the Seacoast Church web site.

Seacoast is also offering twenty-seven (27) Christmas eve services this year at nearly a dozen different locations.  Check out the church web site for locations and times near you in SC, NC, and GA.

Parenting Resources

Friday, December 1st, 2006

There are a couple of great sales going on for the next couple of weeks. The first is a sale on Growing Families International (GFI) resources. This sale happens a couple of times each year and includes parenting materials authored by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. You can order videos, books, audio tapes, and workbooks directly from the GFI Store. Many of the resources are offered at a discount of 50% off the list price.

The second big sale going on is over at the Mom’s Notes web site. Mom’s Notes are a great supplemental teaching that further illustrates the Biblical foundations taught in Growing Kids God’s Way (GKGW). The Mom’s Notes web site offers many other publications that have been reviewed by the Links and their team of reviewers to ensure that the materials complement the character training offered in GKGW and the Mom’s Notes.

Joey and Carla Link are National Ministry Overseers for Growing Families International (GFI). The Links could be described as domestic missionaries. They have dedicated their lives to educating parents on the Biblical parenting principles taught through the GFI material. They speak at conferences, teach parenting classes, and counsel families in addition to publishing the Mom’s Notes. The Mom’s Notes web site contains more information about the Links and their ministry.

A great local resource for families in the Charleston, SC area is the GFI Charleston Community web site. This site offers class schedules for the Charleston area as well as a new online newsletter. The GFI Charleston Community site has links to other great online resources offered by the Ezzos and Growing Families International.