Holiday Fun Update

What are you doing for fun this Christmas season? I hope you are having as much fun as we are. Our family had a blast building this Gingerbread Train. I have posted some detailed pictures of the construction process on my Grill’n Time blog.

Osborne Gingerbread Train ProjectOur oldest son Riley had a blast with this project, but the construction was nowhere near as much fun as the consumption has been. At this point, we have given away two cars leaving only the engine and coal car. The engine and coal car look like they have been through a war zone.

This project has been a ton of fun. It has officially been adopted as a family tradition for us. We already have some cool ideas for new and improved ways to decorate the train next year.

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  1. Joanie Pointer Says:

    Hi! Simply WONDERFUL train! This is our second year at hosting a Gingerbread House Contest in Manistee Michigan and I was seriously thinking about opening a train, boat and car level this year. After seeing YOUR creation, I think I may do just that! Would you give me permission to use your picture for an example of what it could look like?

  2. Lori Nolte Says:

    How long do the gingerbread train/house last for the holiday season? Is this something I could do and leave as a decoration on my table during the entire Christmas season?

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