Colts finish the way they started

UPDATE: Yahoo Sports has photo of of the post game prayer.

I might just have to become a football fan if I keep seeing things like this. This is what happened in the Colts locker room after the Superbowl last night.

Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy called for quiet.
Dungy called his team over in a circle.
“Let’s finish the way we started,” he said.
They gathered around. Dungy prayed. The Colts recited “The Lord’s Prayer.” SOURCE

I did not watch the game, but I did watch the post game show and the highlights. The one GoDaddy commercial that I did see was enough to remind me why I do not watch Super Bowls anymore. The responses to the media from several players and the coach in the post game displayed a strong reliance on their faith in God.

The main reason I really had a bad taste in my mouth about this Superbowl in particular was because of a story that broke a few days ago about the NFL coming down on churches for having Super Bowl parties. Shawn Wood did great job of explaining the details of this story.

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  1. bigdadgib Says:

    Hello Ozz,

    I was looking for more great Christian blogs and was lead to your blog.
    Great blog. I will be a regular reader.

    Sorry about the Colts. :)

    His, Gilbert (aka: BigDadGib) BDG

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