I don’t know why I have never posted my testimony, but it is about time.  I have also added a copy of my testimony in my “About Hank Osborne” page found in the sidebar of my blog’s main page.  I believe it is important to share this so that my readers can have a good ideas of where I am coming from, especially when writing on Christian subjects.  There are so many twists and spins that religion can put on Christianity.  Don’t leave your blog readers guessing where your beliefs come from.

I am a born again Christian!

“I attended a Southern Baptist Church every Sunday from birth for 14 years except for the Sunday when I got my tonsils taken out at 5 years of age.  Yes! I was counting Sundays back then because there was a competition between a few of us kids to see who could get the longest perfect attendance pen.  I still have mine.  The Babpist Church was serious about only giving these pins out to folks who actually can to Sunday School every single week.  The end result was that God made an impression on me by my early teen years.  I committed my life to Christ while attending a camp at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly in Black Mountain, NC.

Shortly after accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior, my parents separated.  My mother, sister, and I left my dad after years of abuse.  Our departure, led to my father’s attempted murder of my grandfather.  My grandfather would not tell my dad where we went.  My mom completed the divorce which I supported, but then she went back to my dad within a year and remarried him.  That I did not approve of nor did I understand.  I found out many years later that my mom went back under direst.  My dad entered the ministry to become a Baptist preacher, but the abuse started back up almost immediately.  At 16, I ran from him and God at that point.  Eventually my dad committed suicide after I had been long gone for several years.

From the age of 16 forward, almost twenty years of backsliding ensued to what I thought was the point of no return.  There is no need to go into that list of sins, but it was bad.  Then I met a wonderful young lady.  My life had been a cakewalk compared to hers.  Her testimony still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  We fell in love.  We both had committed our lives to Christ at a young age, but had very bad experiences with “religion” and suffering at the hands of “men of God”.  Even with our experiences, we knew that we needed to bring our future children up in a Christian home.  We started looking for a church and ended up visiting the church where we have been attended since 2001.  On our first visit to our church (Seacoast Church), the pastor stood up in front of about a thousand folks on a Saturday night and taught on “Why God Allows Suffering”.  He did a great job and God spoke to both of us through that message.  In 2003 I attended a men’s encounter weekend (i.e., encounter with God).  It was the turning point in my life.  That weekend I was taught for the first time what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  At the end of the weekend I confessed and repented of years of sins and asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit, and he did.  I have leaked and needed regular refills ever since, but the revelation that I got from that weekend was beyond what words can explain.  I began to seek God’s plan for my life and put a priority on growing my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Just a few months after the encounter weekend my wife and I both publicly recommitted our lives to Christ and were baptized again.  We both continue to strive to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

I frequently use this blog to write on subjects that I believe are relevant to those who are seeking to learn more about God or who have committed Christian lifestyles.  I continue to try and shine a light in the darkness that the Internet delivers to so many computer monitors.

I challenge all Christian bloggers to share their testimony, especially if your blog is listed in a Christian blogroll, webring, or a Christian directory.  Help your visitors understand where you are coming from as a Christian and how your life (and blog) relates to Jesus Christ.  I also challenge you to raise the standard of your posts so that the things you write about will glorify God.

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