Tithing on Tax Refunds

Should you tithe on your tax refund? The short answer is yes. The long answer goes back to another question. Do you tithe on gross income or net income? This is a question that I have heard discussed a few times, and I was even asked point blank by a co-worker once. My response was something like, “If you have to ask then you probably already know the answer.”

I believe that you should tithe on gross income before Uncle Sam, your 401k, or your health insurance provider gets their cut from your pay check. This is not the most popular answer, but I believe it to be the correct one. It is not your first fruits if someone else has already been nibbling.

The long answer to the original question is that it depends on whether you are a:

  • Gross Income Tither – Then no, you have already tithed on this “refund” money when you earned it.
  • Net Income Tither – Yes, you now have new spendable income that is flowing into your wallet that has not been tithed on already.

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  1. Zonka Says:

    Hey Ozz,

    Long time, no speak. I hope all is going well for you and your family. Everyone here is doing well and dearly miss all our friends and family back at home.

    You may know the answer since your more familiar with the insides of the Book. I feel that there really isn’t a monetary value of tithes. Whether it be after or before taxes, but I would also consider your personal time in contributing as part of it as well.

  2. TheOzz Says:


    I agree in part. In my opinion tithing is all about priorities and putting God first. I believe we should give God the first part of everything and that includes our money. I could take this further, but you probably get my point.

    The monetary issue does come into play from a practical sense. Tithing is a way for us to support our local church. How else would we have a place to worship, a pastor to preach, electricity, water, etc. Let us not forget the mission work the church does in the local community and abroad. Who will fund those efforts if we do not tithe with a monetary value? Who do you feel should be responsible for funding the cost of the location, lights, sound, and staff to support the services of a local church each week?

  3. Kelly Says:

    Someone told me you don’t tithe on tax refunds…because you tithed on it all year. And you don’t tithe on the profit share portion that goes into your 401k, until it’s your’s because if you leave the company before said time is up…they keep that money. AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I vneed to know. Normally I would just do it…erroring on the side of right…but my family has had cut back hours from work and we have had to go to a food pantry. I am in no position to give it and it be wrong.

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