Healthcare Bill Response

Better Solutions

Educate people on how to seek jobs that offer good health care insurance plans rather than just giving them the plan for free. Then if employers don’t pony up the plans then they don’t get the quality labor. Like the bumper sticker says, “Share my work ethic not my wealth.”

Prove the cost saving first before banking a new entitlement program on a theory.

Restrict law suites against doctors so they can lower there overheard (liability insurance) and in turn lower costs for everyone. This would also help cut down on unnecessary tests that doctors often order simply to cover their back side.

Now those are common sense ideas.

Reasons why I don’t like it

Health insurance coverage for those who don’t need/want it results in care being slow to delivery for all. It is a natural progression. Some people will abuse the “free” health care because it has no value to them due to never having to work to pay for it. Unnecessary “free” tests for the freeloaders will force those who really need the tests for  the detection of life threatening illness to wait in longer lines at the very least.

This bill floods a struggling system serving the least among us (Medicaid).  Oh…and I don’t want my tax money paying for abortions…PERIOD.

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