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START Treaty to Fund Obamacare

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Why would Obama do this now? Maybe to befriend enemy states or to “pursue our ultimate vision of a world without nuclear weapons”. NO…Think about it.  It’s all about the money. The largest honey pot in the US budget in democrats’ eyes is defense. The DEMS need cash to fund Obamacare and they are quickly going after the biggest piece of the pie in the national budget. The signing of this treaty in the wee hours of the night (most Americans were sleeping) moves to cut nukes by 33% and delivery mechanisms by 50% over a seven year period. The timing of day in signing this treaty was by design because most Americans will be outraged by this and rightfully so. This treat significantly reduces our nation’s defense posture.  Before you add a comment and argue like one Twitter User saying, “Start is a bilateral reduction of mostly old nuclear arms” you should reread the quote from President Obama listed above.   Obama has a “vision of a world without nuclear weapons.”  He is after all nuclear weapons not just the old ones.  Yes Ronald Reagan had a similar stance as Barack Obama on nukes and he was just as misguided and naive as Obama on the subject of nuclear deterrence.

This treaty is nothing more than a democrat license to begin to cut the defense budget immediately. Cuts in the defense budget next year (to cover Obamacare cost shortfalls) will be justified by this treaty.

BONUS: Obama will be the first individual in history to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize two years in a row!