Why argue with a creationist?

That’s a question for those (including Christians) who cling to evolutionary old-earth theories.  Sitting in the seat next to me on a flight to Washington, DC from Charleston, SC a couple of months ago was this man reading an old Skeptic magazine article titled, “How to Argue with a Creationist”. I could not resist the temptation to offer him practice when he was done with his educational article. Being a scientist and student of AiG I offered a few lines of how the “scientific proof” of the age of fossils is flawed and most have been specifically proven inaccurate using samples of a known age.  I gave an example from “The New Answers Book 1″ of the 50 year old lava rock.  Then I simply asked him one question by starting with, “To me the title of that article would be more beneficial to all involved if it said ‘WHY’ to argue with a creationist”. I then simply used my recommended title as the single question that I had for him. I asked him WHY it was important to argue with a creationist? He was speechless for what seemed to be several minutes.  Then he babbled about only being interested in the subject for intellectual stimulation. He then offered that he thought the argument was important from an academic perspective to keep religion out of schools.

Then I offered that I was a young-earth creationist who converted from being taught and believing that some cosmic event called “The Big Bang Theory” originating from nothing spun off into a Darwinian evolution process that resulted in Clyde the Orangutang being my great-great uncle.  I explained my reason to argue is to maintain credibility of the Bible so that the gospel message of  Jesus Christ within that same Bible also maintains credibility.  I fight so that the story of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave to save us from eternal damnation will not also be brought into question as some folklore that is not meant as it is written in the Word of God. I told him that to their side (the magazine’s), based on his answer, the prize is content in textbooks and classrooms.  To the young-earth creationist side the prize is the possibility for eternal life for everyone who hears the gospel message.  He swallowed a lump in his throat as we landed.  We departed the plane and went about our different directions.

Ultimately I don’t think there is anything wrong with investigating these unproven scientific theories.  I am confident “through faith” that no research will lead to concrete evidence against the Bible’s account of creation. Young-earth scientist supporting and even performing research related to old-earth evolution theories in the name of validating scripture as it is written is proof that we young-earthers trust what the outcome of the research will be.  However, those who teach and create material to educate children that these theories are cold hard facts can lead children away from trusting God’s account of creation in Genesis and draw questions in their minds about the credibility of all scripture including the gospel message.

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  1. tom Says:

    I believe science and religion should be, and are separate. Both explain the same event.

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