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Gingerbread Train

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

See detailed pictures that show how we made this train

Gingerbread TrainOne of our family’s favorite things to do during the holidays is to bake. This year we plan to carry on the Christmas season baking tradition by creating the Gingerbread Train once again. Last year was our first attempt and it was a huge success.

There are plenty recipes on the Internet to for building gingerbread houses and gingerbread trains. We got our recipe and templates from FamilyFun Magazine. Their online version gives detailed pictures of the entire process in addition to the train part templates and a gingerbread recipe that will make enough dough for two train cars.

Here are a few recommendations that we think will make the project even more fun:

  1. Make extra train cars.
  2. Use different candy to decorate.
  3. Assemble the train on a movable surface.

In the event you prefer building a gingerbread house, check out Simply Recipes for instructions on How to Make a Gingerbread House.

Dimensions In Cake

Monday, July 17th, 2006

Have you ever watched one of those Food TV shows where they have a competition on how to make the coolest birthday cake? This past Saturday night I got to visit the kitchen of a professional custom cake artist. I say artist because this stuff goes way beyond baking. There were air brushes, computer printers that use food color as ink, sculpting tools, ovens, and much more in this shop.

Below is a picture of the little surprise that was sent home with me this weekend from my trip to the Dallas area. Everything you see except for the white rectangle board is part of the cake and it is all eatable. You can click on the picture to see a larger image.

Cheese Burger Cake

This cake is a very small example of what the folks at Dimensions In Cake can do. My wife’s Aunt Karen owns the business. Her business serves Weatherford, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX as well as the surrounding areas. She specializes in 3-D Sculptured Birthday and Wedding Cakes. You will find contact information at the bottom of every page of the Dimensions In Cake web site. By the way, the web site was designed by my wife Sherry’s cousin.

Oh yeah, the cake tastes great!!! We also brought home an assortment of cupcakes including some really yummy ones with peanut butter icing. Not all of those completed the plane ride back to Charleston, SC. If you want a super special cake in the Dallas and Fort Worth area then I suggest you call well in advance since Karen stays very busy.

New Stuff on Tech and Grill

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

I have spun up the old Tech Land of Ozz blog as well as Grill’n Time. New posts were added last night to these blogs as well as Caden’s Page:

Grill’n Time – Childhood Concoction
Tech Land – Sketchy Subject Assignment
Caden’s Page – No results today concerning Caden’s pending open-heart surgery.

Grill’n Time on WP – Open Post Monday

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Grill’n Time is alive on WordPress 2.0. I did a manual cut over from Blogger due to continued unresolved technical difficulties trying to post from Blogger via FTP to Grill’n Time and other blogs by TheOzz. Keep your eye on Grill’n Time for my childhood recipe concoction called Turd Candy. I am searching for a new less offensive name for this concoction. Your help would be greatly appreciated. The post should be up on Grill’n Time within a couple of days.

More details on the Blogger problem that I continue to see:

001 Connection timed out/2005_12_01_wordpress.php

The best answer so far to this problem is to get off of Blogger.


This is the official OTA post for Monday 1/23/06.

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Spiced Up Grilled Chesse

Monday, July 25th, 2005

This spiced up grilled cheese sandwich idea is compliments of Mrs. Ozz. She took a simple sandwich and added a couple of things to make a great sandwich. First she prepared the sandwich for grilling by slicing some sharp cheddar cheese and covering a slice of white bread. The cheese was then topped with optional pepperoni slices and covered with another piece of white bread and set aside. Then she shaved some fresh garlic as shown in the picture. She added these shaved garlic pieces to some margarine to a large pan. The pan should be at medium heat before adding the margarine and garlic. The sandwich is added to the pan just as soon as the margarine has melted to allow for the margarine to be absorbed into the bread before it evaporated or burns. This will also allow for the garlic pieces to stick to the side of the bread. The garlic will become a crisp brown just before the sandwich requires turning over. Be sure to add some more margarine and shaved garlic to an unused area of the large pan and allow the margarine to melt before turning the sandwich and placing it in the new area of melted margarine. Heat the sandwich until it gets as brown as you like. I hope you enjoy this one as much as my family does.