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Blog Maintenance

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I am performing some upgrades to this blog.  Please excuse the mess.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you see something that you think is broke.

Two Years of Blogging

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Today is my blog-a-birthday or whatever you call it. I officially started blogging on Election Day 2004 over at Caden’s Page. It was the day my son Caden was born. I started with a static html page that I updated manually and then transferred via FTP. It took me a few months to learn what blogging really meant and that there was actually software to help streamline the process. I posted pictures with FTP as well. You can see the pictures from Caden’s birth week here.


Happy Birthday Caden!!!


Side note: HOEI.COM was getting less than 100 visits per month before I started blogging. Now this site averages over 20,000 visitors per month.

Recent Blog Posts

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

It should be a busy week over on Caden’s Page. Caden goes in for pre-op on Wednesday, while Riley is getting allergy tested to see if he is clear for egg yet. I will be at MUSC with Caden while Sherry takes Riley to the allergy clinic. Caden is on the schedule for pacemaker troubleshooting and repair on Thursday. Please keep him, and our family in your prayers.

Caden's Page

There are a couple new things on Tech Land.

The Tech Land of Ozz

A great resource for cooking temps and times was added to Grill’n Time this week.

Grill'n Time


The YouTube Buzz

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Everywhere I turn I see blog posts with YouTube clips in them. I am not a big TV or video fan now, but I gave in and took a look at YouTube. I even created an account to see how difficult it would be to share videos. I posted one video from my trip to Alaska last fall. I got to fly a SuperCub and I took a little bit of video during part of the flight, when I was not flying the plane of course.

The YouTube experience is okay as a viewer. There’s a lot of weird stuff out there. On the other hand, my experience as a YouTube broadcaster was very pleasant. There are lots of options for how to show your video.

Here is a clip of my first YouTube video broadcast:

Friday, August 18th, 2006

***I have invitations available. Read on for details. BETA imageI have been spending a little more time over at lately. I got turned on to this awesome new online Bible study tool a few months ago by way of a DIGG post titled “Jesus Loves Web 2.0: eBible”. I dugg the story and blogged it on my Tech Land blog back in May. My buddy Trace saw my blog post and offered me an invite to Trace is the super geek network guru behind the scenes over at Seacoast Church. He wears many technical hats for Seacoast Church and still finds time to help keep folks like me informed about the cool stuff like

A few weeks ago I got an email from Geoff over at He said that he follows my blog from time to time and wanted to know if I had heard of I responded and told him that I had not only heard of their site but was already a user thanks to my friend Trace. I told Geoff that I have been planning to write a blog post on eBible for a while now. Geoff responded to me with a gracious number of invites that I could use to offer to you my readers when I did write a blog post about The site is still in BETA, but stands out as a new breed in the Bible study barn. The reason for the BETA is because the site is still under development so they are restricting the number of users for now.

I still use other online Bible resources, but definitely has found its place in my Bible study tool kit. My favorite feature that is unique from other online Bible sites is the ability to bookmark verses with the option of adding custom tags and notes. I can also make my bookmarks visible to other users or keep them private. I have the ability to open two translations side by side for comparison. The number of available translations is limited compared to other popular Bible sites, but that is a minor shortcoming that I am sure will improve with time.

I have over a dozen invitations to I actually have twenty, but I want to save a handful for some folks in my Tuesday night Bible study. The rest of the invitations are being offered to you the readers of this blog. The invitations are on a first come first serve basis, and I am only asking for a little link love in return. If you have a blog or web site, I would appreciate a link to my blog and a link to the blog ( If you don’t have a blog or web site, then just leave me a comment or send me an email. I promise that I will not share or sell your email address. If you have your own blog and choose to track into this post, then please remember that my fine print will always apply. I moderate all trackbacks and comments. My email address is theozz{at}gmail{dot}com (of course you will need to replace the {at} and {dot} with the normal at and dot characters respectively).

It may take 24 hours or more to see your comment displayed and get your invitation out to you.

Favorite Bible Study Tool

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

My favorite Bible study tool is my Bible Reader software for my Treo 650 from Olive Tree. The primary reason that it ranks so high on my list of cool tools is the search and bookmark features. I can keyword search any version of the Bible I have loaded on my Palm and then bookmark it plus add notes. That is particularly helpful when I can’t remember where a scripture was that I read recently, but I can remember a word or two from the passage. I read The Living Bible most often in my casual daily Bible reading and then spin off into several other translations when I find a topic that I fell lead to study. The Bible Reader software allows for me to carry several translations including The Living Bible. The search feature is better than any other keyword search tool I have found in Bible software.

The fact that I almost always have my Treo with me makes the Bible Reader software convenient as apposed to carrying a leather bound Bible around with me. I just have to be careful as to when and how I use it. I rarely use the Bible Reader software in church. The main reason I don’t use it in church is for appearance purposes. I would not want a visitor or regular member for that matter to think that I am sitting there playing games during the sermon. I use my good old fashion leather bound Bible for church. I also use my good old fashion Bible for my daily reading.

PDAReach Software for Treo 650 from June Fabrics

I want to share with you a really cool tool I have found for my PC that allows for me to use just about every function of the Bible Reader software right from my desktop. It is called PDAReach and I have blogged a little more in detail about it over at Tech Land. I encourage you to check out my post on this cool tool. The picture hear is of the Bible reader software running on my Treo 650 and being displayed and controlled on my desktop.

Another awesome thing to check out today is a video of my little miracle boy Caden learning to walk.

A big thanks to my friend Cedric from over at IOSC who I ran into at the Growing Families International conference in Dallas last weekend. Cedric turned me on to the PDANet software that led me to the PDAReach application from June Fabrics. Cedric is also to one who provided me with the templates and images for the GFI Charleston website.

Protect Your Children Online

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

My daily review of Slashdot led me to an article about MySpace being sued for failure to protect a child. While MySpace is a dangerous environment for kids, in my opinion the parents hold ultimate responsibility for protecting their children from Internet threats. There may be extenuation circumstances here, so I realize that the parent may not be at fault in this particular case.

I have heard the arguments about how kids sneak around and that is often the case. The girl in the above mentioned article may have been using an unmonitored home Internet connection as many children do on a daily basis. That is where I have been focusing my attention on this issue of child safety online. I am a computer security professional and have a pretty in depth view of how your typical non-geek users attempts to sneak around Internet security and monitoring tools. There are some good tools and web sites out there to help parents protect their children from online predators, but there are just as many of not more sites that teach kids how to circumvent these systems. There is no substitute for physically monitoring your children while they use the Internet, but that is not always practical. I hope to educate parents on some of the sneaky tactics that children and adults use to get around the technical solutions offered to parents and administrators of library and school computer systems. Parents are responsible for deciding if and how Internet, cell phones, and other communications devices will be used in their homes. I can help you detect if your child is trying to get around your Internet monitoring and security solutions.

The young girl in this article feel prey to her alleged attacker via an Internet web site. She may have been using a school computer, a library computer, or even a public use computer in a coffee shop without her parents’ knowledge. She could have just as easily met this guy in a mall, movie theater, skating rink, or even church. Regardless of where a child meets a stranger, that child needs to have the built in ability to make good decisions when making new friends. There are no public school classes that teach this to kids. There are some great resources to help parents learn how to get to the heart of their child so that the child will respect the parents advice and teachings in these areas. You will find some of these great resources in the Parenting section of my Book Recommendations page.

Stay tuned to this blog for my upcoming articles aimed at Child Safety Online. I will be educating parents on the ways that tech savvy teens may be bypassing a the best attempts to secure a computer and Internet connections.

Extra! Extra!

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

I have posted a pretty detailed article on the PuTTY application for my super geek visitors over at the Tech Land of Ozz.

In other news, my little miracle boy turned 18 months old this week.

New Stuff on Tech and Grill

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

I have spun up the old Tech Land of Ozz blog as well as Grill’n Time. New posts were added last night to these blogs as well as Caden’s Page:

Grill’n Time – Childhood Concoction
Tech Land – Sketchy Subject Assignment
Caden’s Page – No results today concerning Caden’s pending open-heart surgery.