A few days ago I wrote the following in response to the heart surgeon’s call for a heart catheterization:

We believe that this is just one more chance for God to show his miraculous healing power. We are believing for a miracle cure for Caden. We stand on Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (NIV)

I can not tell you how much joy it gives me to write this message. God has shown us how powerful he is and has answered our prayers in an awesome way today. The results of today’s visit to the hospital for the catheterization are that Caden does NOT need open-heart surgery!!! Yes, you did read correctly. The doctors’ diagnosis of “Supra Valvar Aortic Stenosis” was withdrawn. There is still a diagnosis of a bicuspid aortic valve showing a pressure gradient across the valve, but it is considered by the cardiologist to be mild. The bottom line is that there is no longer a recommendation of open-heart surgery for Caden.

The day did not come without a little excitement. It was reported to us by the cardiologist who performed the heart cath that Caden’s heart rate slowed down and his atriums actually stopped beating for a short period of time. There were two cardiologists in the room performing the cath procedure and they administered medication to bring Caden’s heart rate back up. They did have to give him chest compressions for about a half a minute until the medication took affect. This episode was triggered by the fact that they had a catheter in Caden’s heart through his aortic valve. The cardiologist who came to brief us said that he has done between 900 and 1000 heart catheterizations and this was only the third time he has experienced a cardiac arrest during a heart catheterization. As a result of this excitement, Caden will remain in the MUSC Children’s Hospital over night. Caden and I will bunk in 7c for the evening so they can observe him with the telemetry.

I came home for a little while to play with Riley and gather some clothes. Caden was wide awake when I left the hospital and about to have his second regular feeding via g-tube since the procedure this morning. He is alert, playing, and being his normal self this evening. Praise God and to Him be the glory for this awesome miracle.

I do not want the excitement to minimize the overall blessings that God has made visible to us today. Caden’s heart is healed of this “Supra Valvar Aortic Stenosis” and there is more yet to be seen. As the cardiologist explained his findings today, Sherry and I just grinned from ear to ear as we looked at each other. The doctor must have thought we were crazy. Sherry told the cardiologist that this was an answer to prayer. Sherry and I explained that this news was not that surprising to us.

We asked in prayer, believed, and then we received. Praise God!!!

If you are interested in what I am reading to grow my understanding of God’s power in areas of finance and healing, then you need to read God’s Creative Power Gift Collection by Charles Capps.