Caden is doing great after two weeks of recovery. We are scheduled to visit the ENT doctor for a follow up on Monday afternoon. Caden did go through several days with some pretty nasty congestion. He got a fever one night late last week but it was easily knocked out with OTC medication. Caden was already on a broad antibiotic after the sphincterplasty and the pediatrician did not see a need to treat the fever and congestion with another antibiotic. We did spend several nights up all night monitoring Caden right after discahrge. Praise God he has been sleeping sound for about a week now with no need for additional monitoring.

Caden seems to be much more vocal since the surgery. That is about the extent of outward changes as a result of the surgery. We will not know the full affect of the surgery on swallowing until we get another MBS (Modified Barium Swallow). That will likely be scheduled in the coming weeks.

Baby Update

Sherry and the baby are both doing great. Sherry will be 34 weeks into the pregnancy in a few days. We are seeing and feeling lots of movement. All OB appointments have been great. Sherry’s belly is growing as expected, the baby’s heart rate is great, and Sherry’s weight gain has been within norms.

We had a baby shower this past weekend. It may be the first one in history where more men showed up than women. That was actually by design. I needed some help taking down wallpaper and painting. That was exactly what I got. Trace, Brian, Gary, and Chad all come to my rescue. Chad even came back the next day to help me finish up. It was great.

We have done two hospital tours in the last three nights. We don’t know if Sherry will deliver at Roper downtown or at Roper St. Francis. There are a couple of factors in that decision. One is the construction at St. Francis in the labor and delivery area, but it is more likely to be affected by the location of the doctor at the time of delivery. Right now we are looking at a planned C-section on August 13th. That may change after they get some measurement of the baby on July 23rd. The doctors are finally going to get their fetal echo cardiogram. The echo is purely procedural for the OB practice. There are no reasons for this to be done other than there being a prior pregnancy with multiple heart defects. Please pray that the echo will show the doctors what we already know, the baby’s heart is in perfect form as God designed it and fully functional.

Thank you again for your prayers. Please read the previous post that details a few personal thank you notes that I wanted to share with you.  Please keep in mind that the Thanks To All post was written over a week ago.