Skunk Spray

Folks who have been to our house lately have met Caden’s Skunk. It is a stuffed animal he chose from the gift shop during a trip to the SC Aquarium.  The skunk actually went to the operating room with Caden today.  The skunk even got his own ID bracelet. It was very cute.  Now that Caden is in the PICU (Not PCICU as originally expected).  The PCICU did not have any beds available and I get the impression these guys have dealt with a few back surgery patients before.  I’ll elaborate shortly when I get to the log rolls.

Back to the skunk.  The skunk has come to the rescue tonight as a respiratory therapy assistant.   Caden still needs oxygen since all the anesthesia has not yet worked its way out of his system.  He was doing fine on an oxygen cannula until he went to sleep.  He began mouth breathing and stopped getting the needed Os through his nose via the cannula.  So the nurse and respitory therapist said he needed a oxygen mask to deliver the O2. Caden didn’t agree and became very agitated with the mask on.  It was a hill I could not die on so I recommended blow-by oxygen.  That basically means that you put the mask near the patient’s face and crank up the volume so it blows by his mouth/nose and gives him the Os he needs.  It worked while I was holding the mask, but I could not hold the mask all night.  Enter the skunk.  I strapped the mask tot he skunk and put the skunk in front of Caden’s face.  Everyone was happy, except maybe the skunk. Now we have a skunk spraying oxygen to keep Caden happy and more importantly, healthy.

VEPTR Rod Recovery Process

Log Rolls

About eight hours after Caden arrived in the PICU they started doing log rolls every two hours.  That means they roll him to ones side for two hours and prop him up with pillows and then they roll him the other way for the next two hours. This is repeated for about the next 24 hours.

Recovery and Pain Management

Caden has been in a good bit of pain.  He is on a continuous Morphine drip and can have break-though (extra) Morphine every few hours as needed.  He has needed it several times since the surgery.  Caden has three separate IV lines plus an arterial line.  He is on telemetry, oxygen, and O2 sat monitor, and has a foley (urine catheter). I say all this because I know some folks are watching this process as they prepare themselves for their own child to go through it.

Praises Report

  • Caden went in this morning with a peace about him and even helped hold the mask while they put him to sleep
  • Caden is fever free

Prayer Requests

  • Protection from infections for Caden
  • Rapid healing for Caden
  • Minimal/controllable pain for Caden
  • Understanding and compassion from Riley and Josiah
  • Protection for Mommy’s and Daddy’s health

I have a special prayer request for Caden’s little neighbor.  I’ll share what Sherry wrote on her Facebook page earlier tonight:

“Please pray earnestly for a 2 year old little girl that was in a car accident and is in critical need! Mom, dad, and 4 year old sister have injuries too but this little girl needs a miracle. This is Caden’s neighbor and she has been VERY heavy on my heart.”

I am completing this while sitting in the waiting area.  The little girl’s condition became more severe and the staff became uncomfortable with my presence and asked me to leave. I will sign off and join you in praying for this little girl and her family.