The high fevers returned yesterday peaking out at 105.4F. Already this morning we have seen a 104 fever. On top of that Caden’s IV came out yesterday morning and he had to be poked in the other arm to get a new IV and it was not an easy stick for him.

In my last update I mentioned that the doctors were questioning the validity of Caden’s middle of the night fever because it was not recorded by the nurse. Even if it had been the thermometer they use is not accurate on Caden. MUSC uses an axially (under the arm) thermometer “although it’s not the most accurate way to take a temperature” according to the Mayo Clinic. To settle the insanity of their way not matching our way (digital laser thermometer in the ear) we have resorted to having them take Caden’s temperature with a rectal thermometer when he spikes a very high fever. The readings are within  one to three tenths of a degree of our digital ear thermometer. Unfortunately this is not a comfortable way to take a temp on an eight year old kid. Why after almost six days they can’t just agree that our method is easier on Caden and more accurate I do not know.

With all of that the doctors have changed Caden’s antibiotics again…to something different rather than going back to what Caden was showing progress on. This is very frustrating and I wonder if it is not a pride thing where the attending is afraid to admit a wrong decision. I’ll stop before I step over the line with my opinions. It is very difficult to not be trusted even thought we have been caring for Caden 24 hours per day for eight years. I know they don’t usually get parents who are as active in their child’s care, and one doctor even told me that in confidence yesterday. They have to deal with the full range of parents. As example one kid’s mom is in jail and the dad has not been to see him yet. The kid is just a little older than Caden and has no one here for him when the doctors go around. I wish I could just take kids like this under my wings and maybe we will some day. Anyway, enough of my ranting for today.

Caden is most certainly going to spend his 8th birthday in the hospital. Please keep him and us in your prayers. He is miserable and we are very frustrated.


  • Karen Minnis

    Dear God,
    Please guide and direct Caden’s doctors and nurses to do what’s best for him even if it means “stepping outside” their norm…Father, please bring these fevers down tonight and clear this pneumonia. God, grant comfort and rest to Hank and Sherry and the other boys. God, I don’t claim to understand but I know that I will know one day. I love you and ask this all in the name of Your Son and My Savior.AMEN