Caden is improving but not out of the woods yet. Caden has been fever free for about 36 hours with the exception of a few low-grade fevers. His need for a oxygen has decreased and he has actually been off oxygen for a few hours everyday for the past three days.

Tonight is night 7 in the hospital. We hope to get discharged on Sunday or Monday at the latest. The big hurdle is for the doctors to determine which antibiotic Caden is responding to. He is currently on two different IV antibiotics and one of the two does not have an oral equivalent. If the doctors determine that this IV only antibiotic needs to continue then we have two options. Caden can stay inpatient for the full two week course or take Caden home with an IV port, maybe a PIC line. The details behind this are very complicated as the general pediatrician team has called in the infectious desease team to assist. The two teams approach the use of antibiotics differently so until they come to a consensus on how to treat Caden we not know the full game plan. I plan to press the issue tomorrow morning once we pass the 48 hour mark without a fever.  Caden has been on a total of 5 different IV antibiotics during this hospitalization.

Today is Caden’s 8th Birthday. I have posted a special Happy Birthday Caden post with pictures.