Who is The Ozz?

Just call me Hank. While the name Hank has nothing to do with the name on my birth certificate, Hank was a nickname given to me at birth. My name was given to me by my dad who loved Hank Williams Sr. I will leave you guessing as to what is on my birth certificate because I don’t answer to it anyway.

I am the proud husband of Sherry and the father of two three four wonderful sons Riley, Caden, Josiah, Levi and beautiful baby girl Piper Rose. You can read more about my family on my home school blog. Below are a few facts that may help you get to know me better.

While Oz is the most popular nickname assigned to me and just about every other male in my family, it is not the only nickname I have been tagged with. I have been called many things like Ozzy, Oz, and Merdoc.  With the name Oz, I have add the extra “z” to make the name a little more unique on the Internet. So with the name Ozz being a nickname for me, TheOzz is simply a unique way to state one of my nicknames.

This blog began as The Tech Land of Ozz and then I broke off two specific blogs for technology (this blog) and one for cooking (Grill’n Time) since I was doing a fair amount of blogging on each of those subjects. In recent years I have focused most of my blogging and podcasting efforts on the Home School Support Network and Daddy Life. I did most of my early years of blogging on Caden’s Page which gives a much closer look into my personal life since 2004.  I was also the blog administrator/curator for GrowingKids.org. The Land of Ozz was a blog where I used to post my rants about politics and other pet subjects like education.

I consider myself to be a semi-pro blogger since I have developed dozens of blogs for myself and others and I have written thousands of blog posts over the years. I do have a full-time day job that has nothing to do with blogging. I would tell you more about that job, but it is against my personal blogging policy to write about the details of my day job in blog posts. You can read a little bit about it on my LinkedIn profile.

Things I Love

God, my wife, my children, my country, and helping others. Other cool things include: airplanes, helicopters, grilling, shooting, cooking, computers, writing, reading, and more airplanes.

Contact Information







AS and BS with honors and about halfway done with my MA.


Current – Goose Creek, SC, USA since 2001

Past – I lived in North Charleston, SC for a few years prior to moving to Goose Creek. I grew up in Clinton, SC in a small four room house for the first six years of my life near the cotton mill that my Dad worked in. I then lived on a pig farm for the next ten years. I spent eight great years of my adult life in the wonderful state of Wyoming. I have visited most of the States of this great country.

States I have lived in – SC, NC, WY, and IL.

States that I have not lived in but have spent more than one month in for one reason or another – FL, GA, VA, MD, IN, TN, LA, TX, NE, CO, CA and Washington D.C. (I know DC is not a state, but you get the point.)

Jobs / Work Experience (See LinkedIn)

Cyber Security Engineer – (current)
Speaker, Blogger, and Podcaster on Technology, Information Security, Parenting, and Christian Homeschooling – (current)
College Professor part-time
Network Security Engineer
Computer Systems Integrator
Network and Telecommunications Manager
Refinery Operations
Oil Pipeline and transportation
Maintenance Team Chief on Minuteman Missiles – (USAF Enlisted)
Licensed Low Voltage Electrician (Wyoming)
Private Investigator
Process Server of subpoenas and summons (Federal, State, and Local Courts)
Construction – roofing, electrical, and insulation.
Burglar and Fire Alarm (Installation, Sales, and Service)
Food service – part-time (Pizza)
Retail sales – part-time

Other Experience

Lowcountry Flying Club President
Berkeley County SC Aeronautics Commission Member
Carolinas Region President of Phi Theta Kappa
Church Performing Arts Volunteer
Community Theater Volunteer (numerous in SC and WY)
GFI Parenting Ministry Leader
Co-Chair of Angel Tree for Foster Children
Project Pilot Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Other Interesting Stuff

Aircraft I have flown

Cessna – 150, 152, 172, 172RG, 172SP, 182 235hp
Piper – Warrior, Archer, Cherokee, Super Cub in Alaska
Beech – Sundowner
Grumman – Cheetah

Schweitzer 269C

Others that I flew but did not officially log time:
USAF C-17 Simulator at Charleston AFB
Boeing Stearman PT-17
Piper Twin Comanche


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