BEFORE scoliosis Surgery AFTER VEPTER rods placed

Caden is going in for an adjustment to the VEPTR rods in his back to treat scoliosis. Caden originally had rods placed in his back in September 2010. The pictures above are the before and after fromt he original surgery in 2010. The rods on the right have been in Caden’s back since 2010. The rods will have to be adjusted about every 6-9 months until Caden is a teen when his torso stops growing. At that point the rods will be removed and his back will be fuzed to keep the back from returning to the curved condition that existed in the fall of 2010. The photos above are the before and after photos as a result of the first surgery.

Caden has been experiencing some increased pain in his back in the past month or so. The orthopedic surgeon says that is an indication that it is definitely time for the rods to be adjusted.  The last adjustment as done in September 2011.

We expect Caden to go to a step down unit (space permitting) or an ICU for the first night. Then he will move to a regular room and likely discharge sometime during the weekend.

Your prayers for Caden’s rapid recovery would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Molly

    Hello.  I saw a video of Caden on youtube from several years back.  “Caden Speaks”  It resembles my son very much.  He is currently 3 1/2 has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and has been diagnosed with Apraxia.  

  • Jeni Wilmot

    Hi! Random person on the web :) I thought this was so weird I had to comment: I was on your other website looking at busy bag swap ideas scrolling down and I saw your son and thought, my goodness he looks like he has 22q! I hope that doesn’t strike you as rude or  anything, because my daughter who is 4 has 22q and it was like seeing her a little :) anyway, I thought, I wonder if they have any medical issues with him, and so, I wonder if that family has looked into testing for 22q. I think this to myself randomly sometimes haha. Anyway, I clicked on your about page. Saw he had his own website. Skimmed here a brief minute and hot dang, 22q it is! 

    I would have probably just said a prayer and went on my way at that point, but I saw your son has had the same heart defects as my daughter. Pretty much everything he has gone through (from my brief skimming anyway) my daughter has also had with the exception of the spinal issues and surgeries. poor guy! Anyway, I wanted to let you know I would keep Caden and your family in my prayers and hoping you would keep our Josie in yours. She has a heart cath July 3rd due to subaortic stenosis. I think I read yours was above the valve, but we are fairly sure its below (but the cath will be more definitive). 

    Anyway, sorry for the randomness. I’m the type of person who stops people in grocery stores if the reason is right enough (not because they look like they have 22q mind you, but maybe if they are wearing a 22q tee). Crazy.
     God bless you all very much! Glad to have stumbled onto your blog. I will continue reading your story since it resonates so much with ours I think.

    visit us at if you like :)

  • Hank Osborne


    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your comments were not rude at all. You are very funny! We laughed out loud at some of your comments. We continue to support this site primarily because it tends to give comfort to others who have a kid with 22q. It lets folks know they are no alone.

    I was so excited to see that Josie got rid of her feeding tube. Caden is still exclusively tube fed and I am interested in hearing more about the VPI prosthetic. We have been told by our local ENT and speech folks plus those at Philadelphia (CHoP) and Cincinnati that Caden has little hope of ever fully nourishing himself by mouth. So while Caden does deal with back surgeries every six months and will likely have an aortic root and valve replacement within the next 24 months, feeding issues is what stares us in the face every day.Yes, yes, yes…every 22q child is different, but any wisdom you have on the feeding front that we can investigate would be greatly appreciated.

    We will certainly keep Josie in our prayers and will show her page to Caden. He has such a huge heart for others who have medical trouble. He has as much empathy as the rest of us in the house combined.

    Oh, you said you saw the busy bag. Do you plan to homeschool Josie? Just curious,

    Thanks again! We’ll continue to read more about Josie and keep her in our prayers especially as she approached her cath.