Caden on oxygenCaden has been hospitalized for pneumonia and has tested positive for a really nasty virus. They think the pneumonia is bacterial given they way it has presented itself. Caden has been hospital and illness free for over six months. The one night he spent in the hospital this year was for recovery from back surgery. We strategically planned his next back surgery for two weeks after his birthday. He was scheduled to go to a pre-op appointment this coming Tuesday and then celebrate his 8th birthday on Friday 11/2. It appears that one or more bugs has decided to alter our plans. We still plan on getting Caden in for a back surgery on Wednesday November 14th, but will likely have to reschedule the pre-op appointment.

Caden started down this path of illness back on Tuesday. He popped a fever and required some oxygen during the day (normally he only gets oxygen at night). By Thursday the fevers had got worse, meaning they were peaking at about 104. By Friday his fevers were consistently breaking the 105 mark. The pediatrician said if Caden was worse or not improving by Saturday then it was time to get admitted to get some heavier duty medications in him that can only be delivered by IV. That is where we are at today. Caden’s fever hit 104 plus at noon and we were in route to the hospital shortly thereafter. Since be admitted they have confirmed a virus by doing a sputum (goober) culture. The also did anther chest xray (had one on Tuesday as well) and the latest xray shows that pneumonia has cropped up in the left lung.

Caden is in pretty good spirits. He has his skunk at his side and has enjoyed a couple of Curious George videos since arriving at the hospital this afternoon. Sherry brought Riley and Josiah to visit Caden this evening and they delivered some goodies for me. On a down side, the positive results on the virus keeps Caden on contact precautions. That means they mark is as being more likely to be contagious and will not let him go to the Atrium (MUSC’s way cool play room for patients and siblings).

One really cool thing that happened is that the hospital is allowing me to order a tray for meals. I asked if they were charging us for dietary services. And they are charging us even though we bring all of Caden’s feeding supplies from home. The hospital does not carry his brand of tube feeding formula. It seemed to only make since that we should be able to order a tray if they were charging us for dietary services even though they are not actually providing anything. They agreed and we get to save some cash, a bunch actually because the cafeteria is EXPENSIVE. And yes, I actually like hospital food as long as I get to order what I want. MUSC’s new patient menu is really nice and let’s you custom order every meal so I don’t expect to go hungry.

Please keep Caden in your prayers along with the rest of our family. We expect to be in the hospital with Caden into early next week. Riley actually broke out in tears when he heard on Friday that Caden might have to be hospitalized if he did not improve. These events are non-trivial in terms of impact on our entire family. We do not take these issues lightly and and pray that our family learns how precious and fragile life is and we also hope to grows closer together. We are very thankful that Sherry’s dad is able to help with the other boys at home while Sherry and I take turns with Caden at the hospital. Levi especially still needs his nap and does not do well visiting at the hospital for very long.

The picture above was taken fo Caden this afternoon on the way to the MUSC Emergency Room. Thanks for checking in on our little family and praying for our Caden!